A little about myself

So for my first official post, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you guys a little bit about myself.

Me from Christmas 2016

I’m 23, a first time mum that was born in Middlesbrough, North East of England. I recently relocated to Blackpool, North West of England as my partner got a job over here. As well as being a full time mummy (I hate the phrase but let’s face it being a parent ain’t a part time thing) I’m also a Fine Art student at Teesside University (currently on maternity leave) and also a part time worker at Tesco (currently on maternity leave). Now that I am a mother who has managed to breastfeed,  I now want to change what I have been studying to become either a breastfeeding counsellor or a breastfeeding support worker to help others that may be having difficulty.

My tree of life breastfeeding picture

With me being on maternity leave, it’s given me some time on my hands (well time around feeding, changing and napping) to take up some interests, I have always had a love for photography, reading and painting miniatures, all of which I gave up during my pregnancy,  but I have taken up reading again and some of the books I will do some reviews in later posts. Honestly I would love to give something new a go, well I am with blogging I guess. Also in my spare time (or lack of) I like to have some ‘chill’  time on the xbox playing some games or playing board or card games.

Some MTG cards

As like a lot of people I have a favourite book (or series of books), TV shows and movies, for books I have 2 favourite series one being Harry Potter by J.K Rowling and The shifter series by Rachel Vincent. For TV shows is a tough one as I live many different shows but I would have to choose 2 being Game of Thrones and so so Sons of Anarchy. For movies, my favourite series of movies is of course Harry Potter (and I’m also getting Damon into them also as his dad is a big Potter fan too!). My favourite board game would have to be monopoly,  card game is magic the gathering something which I haven’t been playing for very long but I do enjoy it a fair bit.

My next post will be next Wednesday 🙂

Jamie (my partner) pretending to be a wizard after his graduation!

My Connecta deathly hallows sling for baby wearing


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