Review on The scrub of your life! 

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The scrub of your life body butter.

So with valentine’s day coming up, I thought I would share my views of this product. So guys who may have forgotten about valentine’s day or haven’t thought of anything to give your loved one, or ladies who want to pamper themselves without breaking the bank, why not try this body wash.

As I m allergic to some ingredients in lotions and body scrubs, I have to constantly check the ingredients to make sure that what I am going to be using won’t cause a reaction. So when I got a soap and glory gift case for Christmas, I had to do the painful checking every items ingredients for my allergens. Luckily there is only one item that I can’t use so I’ll just wrap it up for my partner for valentine’s so it won’t go to waste.

There was 2 products that caught my eye and that was sugar crush body wash and the scrub of your life. The scrub of your life is a smoothing body scrub that comes in a 200ml bottle and can be purchased at either Boots for £7 (currently on a 3 for 2 offer at the moment) or on the Soap and Glory website for £7.

Sugar crush body wash,  image taken from the soap and glory website-

When I first used this product I was a bit skeptical on what it had said on the bottle of it being ‘the ultimate super-smoothing body butter’ as ‘once rough elbows go suddenly silky’ as a lot of body scrubs I have used in the past, haven’t made my skin silky smooth yet. So after I used the sugar crush body wash first to get most of my dirt off (mostly bits of food or baby sick and saliva the joys of teething) I then went to follow the instructions on the bottle mostly focusing on my arms and face. I was surprised that it had little scrubbing beads in the gel but after a good scrub of my face and arms. I washed it off and I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin felt! It felt so smooth like babies skin even once I dried myself my skin still felt incredible.

The pink scrubbing beads in the gel

After a few uses I noticed that my spots on my face are slowly going also. The fragrance of the scrub is very light and not overpowering which is lovely as I’m not a fan if heavily scented lotions or perfumes. Is this a product I would buy  for myself? Yes it is, and once payday is here for myself I think I will stock up whilst it is on the offer.

Have you got a favourite soap and glory product? Whether it be make up or lotions, let me know in the comments section 🙂


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