Things I found useful in pregnancy and beyond 

I was about 12 weeks in the left picture and about 20 weeks on the right

So when I found out I was pregnant,  there was so much running through my mind ranging from what do I need for the baby all the way to what do I need for the hospital.

Here’s some things that I found useful me throughout the pregnancy all the way to after the birth.


I lived by making lists, lists on what baby needs for when they come home,  what I need for myself in the hospital. It helped keeping me on track on things I had bought for us both and what I had left to do.


Having support from friends and family are a biggie. More importantly from your partner. I had tremendous amounts of support from Jamie,  both physically and mentally. I ended up with SPD so it became difficult to get up and around all the time. He also helped with my cravings like heating up tinned tomatoes at 2am in his boxers or battling the hail, wind and snow to go to the shops to get my favourite ice cream.

The crazy other half (these are the only photos I ever get of him)


Due to having a heavy schedule at university I found it difficult to attend the antenatal classes so with some help of a friend I done a lot of research on what’s best for both me and baby,  should I formula feed or breastfeed,  co-sleeping or not,  when can baby have solids,  what ways to wean etc.

My university work on pregnancy and the worries on people.

I’ll give some handy tips on my clothing that I found best to wear for cost (being a student I had to be careful of money spending).

I just bought normal clothes but just a few sizes bigger, this way I didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on maternity clothing, which is expensive. I lived in either baggy tops or fitted dress tops with leggings. Leggings will be your new best friend whilst pregnant as they are stretchy and comfy on a vastly growing belly.

I don’t have many full body pictures from my pregnancy so here is one that shows a fitted dress top

Bras. In the first few months of the pregnancy I must of spent over £100 on bras to fit my growing bust. This was until my friend who was also pregnant at the time,  advises me to buy nursing bras as they don’t have those nasty underwires that dig in and they stretch with you as they grow. I have since been wearing these bras. They are so comfy! But I am missing pretty bras so once I’ve stopped nursing Damon, I will be heading over to a Facebook page Boob or Bust, to find my true bra size (ladies you will be surprised by your true size) since a lot of retailers use the +4 method which gives you a bigger band thus not supporting you properly and giving you the wrong size (whilst pregnant I got measured in Ann Summers and they put me at a 40D/DD, when I checked onto the Boob or Bust page my measurements came out at 34K/KK).

For after having my cesarean section I have lived in the so called ‘granny knickers’  which are full brief. Yes they are huge but since they don’t touch my scar they are now my comfort knick knacks and I don’t see myself being in my old style of underwear for a while.
What everyone told me to start using was stretch mark creams and bio oil. I will say this,  every body is different so some people with get them and some won’t. I was the unfortunate one who got covered in them. I started off using the bio oil, it didn’t work, all it did was cause me to itch, my skin became extra greasy and burn. Then I tried a cocoa butter moisturiser for stretchmarks. This didn’t work either, so I just gave up and embraced the stripes.

Hope you have enjoyed this post 🙂


11 thoughts on “Things I found useful in pregnancy and beyond 

  1. Google has been something I’ve used way too much during this pregnancy haha 😀 But for my defence, it’s been pretty useful sometimes. Lists have also been pretty close to my heart, it’s so hard to remember things nowadays 😀

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  2. Some great and useful tips i think! You see, i have never been pregnant, but i have heard several times about bio oils for stretch marks. Unfortunately, as you said, sometimes they don’t offer what they promise.


  3. I’ve read so many pregnancy blogs lately it started to freak me out, because it made me relized that girls I know are gettign pregnant, married etc and I’m just sitting here like “idk what to do with my life”….
    Anyway I’m sure these tips will come in handy for everyone that needs them so I’ll attempt to show your post to the people I know XD


  4. I’m not having children anytime soon but I know moms who struggle with the whole pregnancy process because of overwhelming emotions. I’ll suggest these tips to them. 😃


  5. I have heard of using bio-oil for preventing stretch marks but was never sure if that was true. Good idea buying clothes in a bigger size rather than maternity wear as they are quite pricey.


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