Special post-My not so much of a labour story

I’ll start back a bit of when all my plans for my birth plans started to go to shit. 

Scan at 12 weeks 4 days along. Bump at 15 weeks

Since about 18 weeks gestation, I started suffering with constant headaches, swelling of my feet and spottting in my vision, which gradually got worse and I was always in the hospital getting checked out. I felt like I was wasting their time as they kept saying nothing is wrong with my samples in either my blood or my urine. That was until about 30 weeks gestation when I had slight protein in my urine sample and my blood pressure started to be a bit on the high side. Great! After a few weeks of my blood pressure increasing to the point of needing medication at 35 weeks gestation. I was no longer on the low dependency pathway. This is when everything I had planned had gone to shit. 

My plan was to have a nice water birth as I’m not one for pain and I thought this would be relaxing, to having to be hooked up to all sorts of machines. 
Since I was now under the high dependency pathway, the midwives and doctor wanted me to have a scan to check on the growth of my sprout so see if everything is functioning well as I was borderline pre-eclampsia and we couldn’t tell which way he was facing. At 36 weeks I had to go in for a scan and my new routine bloods (Eugh I hate bloods as it involves needles). As the sonographer started to check for the head of where it should be, she got a eyeful of testicles. Damon was breech. Worst day ever. 

The worst coffee in the world whilst having my over night stay in hospital

From this point on I had doctors telling me what I should do even though I had 3 options,  but you know,  I had to choose the one they wanted. My options at this point were;

1. To have a natural breech birth- which means to have baby the ‘normal’ way but with his butt coming out first. 

2. The doctors favourite of me having a ECV- this is where I get a muscle relaxer injection in my stomach and once that has kicked in,  they will manually move my baby to the right way whilst still inside the womb. 

3. A c-section. 

With all of these comes a risk,  like with having a natural delivery he could get stuck do I would end up having a emergency section,  with the ECV it is a 50% chance it would actually work and also it could cause fetal distress so would of needed a emergency section and with the elected section with it being major surgery there is risks something could go wrong with the procedure. So after being bullied into it I chose the ECV. Once it came up to the day of having it done I had changed my mind into having just a cesarean. So after some paperwork, I had my date of when my little boy would be joining us in this world. 
The day of my section

All gowned up! 

So after getting the information of not eating after 2am and not having a drink after 6am of the day of my section and to arrive to the hospital at 7am to be gowned and prepared for surgery. They were 2 other couples in the room waiting for their sections that was scheduled for that day,  we all got into our gowns and got told there would be the doctor,  who will be cutting into our flesh to bring a child into this world, coming onto the ward to tell us which order we will be getting our sections. At around 8 he came round and told me I was last to be meeting our child. How lovely. Not! I’m still pregnant and I’m now currently starving away into nothing as it had been over 12 hours that I had eaten. So what does Jamie go and do? Went down to the hospitals shops and gets himself a breakfast sandwich meal deal and eats it in front of me! The bastard! There I was starving and he was eating. Talk about showing a hungry dog a steak! 

The lucky one who got to eat! 

I had a bit of a nap as I was up early and I was starting to get tired. The first couple had came back by the time I woke up and the second couple had been taken down to theatre. Yes my turn next. I started to get a bit excited at the thought that in about an hour I would be meeting my little boy. A midwife turned up and told me there will be a delay as there was a emergency so I will have to wait a bit longer. Great… Now I started to get nervous. All the needles I will be needing of an I.V drip, anesthetic, a catheter and also the spinal block. Luckily the nurses found a numbing cream for me to use so I didn’t feel the pain of the needles. Half 12 and a nurse turned up for me to go to theatre. Now I was shitting it! 

I got my I.V drip in okay, the anesthetic needle hurt as I couldn’t have numbing cream on my back and the spinal block felt weird as they tried to get it into place. By this point, Jamie had came into the room wearing doctor scrubs. I must say having a spinal block is weird and terrifying as when you try to move your legs, they just don’t move! At least I didn’t feel the catheter go in. Bonus! 

Into the room! 

As they used my gown as a curtain so I couldn’t see what was going on, they hooked some drugs to the drip in my hand and the procedure began. Every now and then I felt a tug as the doctor worked his way through skin and muscle to get to my baby. Eventually the nurse that stood close to Jamie told him to have a peek over the curtain so he could see Damon’s foot sticking out of my open belly. As he did this he saw the foot, then as fast as saying boo, out popped Damon at 1.12pm! When I heard his cry, I teared up, my baby was here! Finally he was here! Once the cord was cut, a midwife passed him over to me so I could have some skin to skin whilst I was being sown up like frankenstein. After about 10 minutes the baby doctor took him from me to check him over, she weighed him “wow what a whopper! He is 10 pound 3 ounces” really? No wonder I was huge! After being all sown up we went into the recovery room until they were satisfied that the spinal block was wearing off, then back to the ward. 

Damon’s first photo! 

First father and son photo

Sorry it’s a long story but I hope you have enjoyed my experience in a non labour child birth πŸ™‚ 


24 thoughts on “Special post-My not so much of a labour story

  1. To me all the possibilities sound scary, from natural labor birth to c-section, everything sounds so painful! I’m glad it all turned out well in the end and that you and your baby are healthy and safe πŸ™‚


  2. Wow, that must’ve been a bit stressfull at the beginning but I’m glad everything went fine after all πŸ™‚ I haven’t even planned how I’m going to give a birth yet haha, all I know that I’m fine with c-section if that’s the case and if not, I’ll take every single drug they give me πŸ˜€
    Oh my goodness, can’t wait!


  3. Tbh, all the three options seemed scary. I remember once I had fainted seein a birthing scene in a movie. πŸ˜₯
    Anyway, I’m glad that everything went well. Such a cute munchkin your child is. 😍


  4. Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to mention that I have really enjoyed surfing around your
    blog posts. After all I will be subscribing for your
    feed and I am hoping you write again soon!


  5. Congrats on your little bundle of joy . C sections can be scary but I’ve had two. One emergency and one planned. At least our vajayjays are still good! Haha


  6. Wow how incredibly teffrying I must say I’m 29 weeks pregnant currently and I’ve not had the choice of a birth plan as I’m a high risk patient due to health issues so we have to have a planned c section. Although having read this I’m shitting myself! Hahah. I’m glad your baby is healthy though ☺


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