This week sucks! 

This week has sucked for me and I hope it doesn’t come back! 

Monday- went okay even with Damon teething pretty badly

Tuesday- this day started this horrible week off,  with both myself and Damon going to the doctors to get a review on things and I wanted to know whether he needed multivitamins with him now being over 6 months. As soon as I asked about them he asked if he was eating okay, without thinking I said yeah (was exhausted as Damon has been fussy during the night). He said that the vitamins are optional as its in his formula, this is when it went to shit. I told him of he doesn’t have formula as he is breastfed. ‘oh he needs to be on formula as the first 6 months of breastfeeding he gets all he needs. You don’t give provide anything for him anymore so you should give him formula and see a health visitor to start the weaning off the boob as he can’t stay there forever. He is what nearly 7 months old *looks at me as if he is disgusted*’ so I’m currently trying to deal with reporting the doctor as this is wrong advice as the W. H. O, NHS and unicef all state that you should breastfeed 2 years minimum. Then he told me I needed to have my bloods taken 😭

Wednesday- my memory card for my phone had corrupted so all my photos had deleted (not all of them are backed up) and my most recent photos had been wiped before getting the chance to upload them 

Thursday- bloods day 😦 I have a phobia of needles so getting my bloods done is always a task and a half (even though in over a month I had at least 10 blood tests in the pregnancy but it still never gets easier). Even with me having a child’s numbing cream on I get really panicky. I got then done but by mistake she had also taken my blood pressure and that was sky high. Got to go back in a few weeks for a check up and fit my results 

Friday- tired as per
Saturday- bad hair day! Ice decided to change my hair colour,  as it was dark chocolate brown,  I needed to lighten it with bleach. 2 bleaches later I’m now a light ginger with bits of brown and blue when I need to be blonde -_-

Let’s hope next week is better than this one! 
But on a brighter note,  Damon job says ‘mam/mum’ when tired or upset and he manages to stand up holding onto the sofa! 

Hope you all have a fabulous week coming up! 


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