Life weekly review

So compared to the last 2 weeks this week has been relatively mild. 

I have discovered Damon’s new favourite food being a plum,  but not just any plum, but Tesco’s finest plum! He has also started to enjoy eating his foods more this week, still doesn’t eat much but it’s early days 🙂 

He has also started to attempt to crawl (by this he moves his legs whilst his arms are like a starfish and with his face in the carpet or wherever he is trying to crawl on. He has also, with the encouragement from daddy, starting to stand up holding onto the sofa and trying to help him learn to walk! 

With me,  it’s not been too bad I don’t think other than being told by my physiotherapist that my back problems is because I’m overweight (I don’t think this is the case as it’s been in pain for 11 years now),  that I’m vitamin D deficienct and I’ve ruined my hair by bleaching it so I can go lavender. 
Seriously my hair is snapping so much, I’ve had the amount of a fist size snap off. So I just need to wait a bit to strengthen my hair before doing lavender and getting it cut so it cuts most of the dead, split ends that just snaps. 

I’ve also started to play pokemon go again to get me out if the house more do I can do some walking like what the physio man told me to do. I’ve also baked a late valentine’s gift for Jamie of a cake in a jar. To be honest I could of done better,  but I’ve been exhausted and I just wanted to get it done. 

These jars contains brownie, Betty Croker chocolate, chocolate fudge and Vanilla icing and also edible cookie and cream cookie dough. 

All those bottles of beer are what Jamie has drunk over a few months that as he likes to collect the bottles

Next week is going to be busy with me getting my blood results back,  getting Damon weighed and having visits from Jamie’s parents. So hopefully lots to talk about. 

Hope you all have a lovely week 🙂 


24 thoughts on “Life weekly review

  1. Both back pains and hair snapping could be caused by too much stress. It’s not easy to raise a baby, even if he’s sooo cute, bless his heart. Wish you a serene week!


  2. Aww i remember the days where i wished my little one would craw and eat more…now hes almost walking and always eating! Why does it go so fast! Your little dude is such a cutie.. also the jar brownie looks amazing too! xx


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