Once baby is home

As many parents do, they start making lists on what they would need for when baby arrives and comes home. I know I did, several times. By more so of seeing on how little money I could spend on mine and babies items. 
For me it helped I had friends who had children before me who were willing to let me have some of their baby items that included

  • Loads of Clothes
  • Bath seat
  • Moses baskets
  • Toys

These are the items I purchased for Damon when he came home. 

  • Hauck malibu xl travel system, I bought this on Ebay.co.uk for £250, I still use the car seat and I loved the carry cot part but now Damon is in the stroller part, I hate it as this pushchair doesn’t give you the option of world and parent facing which is what I would of liked and I had to fix one of the wheels when one of the bolts came off, with superglue. 

  • Personalised cosy toe, I bought this on ebay.co.uk for £35 and had it personalised with Damon’s name
  • Baby sling, I have 2 slings, a stretchy wrap sling which I bought on ebay.co.uk for £18 and a Connecta from their website for £72

  • Changing mat bought in boyes for £8
  • Nappies I tried different nappies on Damon to see what was the best and I found Aldi being the best ones and at a reasonable price, although I’m now looking into cloth nappies to save money in the long run
  • Wipes I started off buying the waterwipes from boots as babies only need to use water and cotton wool when born but these don’t have any harsh chemicals like other brands
  • Nappy bag I bought from an independent store for £10
  • Cot & mattress I bought the cot from Ikea for £55 and the mattress for £20 in argos 
  • Baby Bouncer, I went to a charity shop and got one for £10
  • Clothes Inc blankets
  • Towels 
  • bottle steriliser bought from Amazon for £80 as a just in case
  • Nappy rash creams, I bought a barrier cream and nappy each cream both from Tesco 
  • Eventually we bought a highchair on Amazon for £40 but I regret buying this one as it’s difficult to clean. I’m now looking to buy the Ikea antelope which is only £13

    There’s a lot of different things people would buy that I didn’t, but I just went with the necessities. 


    14 thoughts on “Once baby is home

    1. This is a great list!
      We have Emmaljunga stroller, it has a carry cot & stroller part which you can place any way you want – face towards you or the world. Those are super useful. 🙂


    2. We’ve always found aldi nappies to be the best and used all the way until potty with my LO, now expecting no2 and have invested in cloth 🙂 looking forward to trying them out x


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